Go digital in store

  • Banking, Insurance, etc.
  • Stations & Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Events
  • Shows
  • Museums

With mobi rider, be on your customers’ mobiles wherever they are, be it in a store, airport, station or at an event. Go digital at your points of sale.

What you want

To make the transition from store customers to digital customers.
To be “digital” in store, where customer relationships are the closest.
To reinvent the customer experience.
To make things magical and simple.

What we offer


Interact with your customers

Be on your customers’ mobiles wherever they are, be it in a store, museum, station or airport, or at an event or show. Go digital at your points of sale.


Get them downloading your apps

Every customer that comes into your store must also have your mobile apps, use your e-commerce website and take part in your social media games… simply and easily. Create your own in-store app store.


Think digital

Create a memorable experience for your customers with mobi one, the connected device that brings your digital content into your store.

Go digital at your points of sale

Our products

mobi one, the IoT device, and mobi web, the CRM platform, are here to drive your digital transformation


mobi one design by Neil Poulton

mobi one
may the app be with you

Engage your customers by giving them a memorable experience.

Surprise them with the right content
  • in the right place.
  • at the right time.

  • Your mobile app is downloaded
  • Mobile instant winners (prizes, flash promotions, etc.)
  • Social (loyalty, customer reviews, social media, etc.)


mobi one is so simple! Just switch your mobile on and put it in the box. mobi one is like a connected walkie-talkie: the box talks directly to your mobile, no need to check if you’ve enabled Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC.



mobi one is also smart! All the frontier-hopping technology is inside the box. Like a Faraday cage, mobi one shuts down GSM communications for a second and then opens them up to get through.


Anti Spam

mobi one is anti-spam! No details, no downloads. mobi one communicates with all mobiles, with no need for apps or phone numbers. And it doesn’t store any personal name data either.

Boost customer relations with mobi web

Create and manage marketing campaigns easily, consult and analyze your statistics in real time:

  • Number of customers signed up
  • Number of SMS read
  • Number of click-throughs and downloads

mobi one : the connected object

Use cases

mobi one makes all your points of sale digital and matches your needs


They turned to mobi one to make the digital leap:

About us

Our team is passionate about new technologies and communication.
Working with experts from a broad spectrum of domains, we offer you the very best service and a truly remarkable experience.

Cécile Morel

Founder – CEO

Nghia Phan

Co-founder – CTO