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Must-Have Features For Driver App

Taxi businesses are becoming more competitive and the customers are less loyal. Uber-like services have been popular with consumers for some time and are expected to continue to gain popularity. Traditional yellow taxis are not a necessity, but you should consider developing your mobile application if you can, as it will make it easier when you’re trying new ideas or expanding into other cities where transportation options may be very different than what’s available now.

There are a variety of types of taxi apps available currently available. One kind, in particular, was designed specifically to aid established businesses to increase their client base and ease the burden on drivers using the app too. It lets users easily find reliable taxicab drivers nearby, so they can make reservations with no hassle.

The distinct needs of passengers and drivers are recognized that led to the development of two distinct apps. This provides better, more customized features for every group of users with their apps. One is specifically created to be your companion on your journey if you’re a driver. Another that is designed specifically for people who need help in emergency situations, such as emergency kits or roadside assistance.

Must-have Features for Driver Apps

With so many taxi apps popping up, competition is getting tough. Driver-friendly features, that keep all eyes on the business with no manual effort on the part of drivers, will give the advantage to the application that draws many more drivers. This will result in increased profits for all those involved.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers prefer to use applications for mobile devices that are easy to use and have the best methods. These GPS tracking devices can be used to track their passengers’ locations after they’ve given their permission. This allows them to facilitate ridesharing and more efficient, for example, connecting riders with their destinations, and also looking after their safety on the way.

Button for availability

The drivers can also mark themselves during the start and ending of their trips. It is possible to mark yourself online or offline in the event of receiving a message. This allows them to be alerted of any new assignments, and also pick-up information when they’re found.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will be able to see their travel statistics and insights as well as overall performance through the dashboard. You can also compare them against other vehicles, based on the feedback of previous customers.

Alerts by SMS or Email

The futuristic driverless taxicab will get alerted by the passenger about any query or request for an ride. The interface for users is so easy that anyone who has never used it before can understand how to respond swiftly and efficiently.

Start and end your ride

Maps can be a wonderful method to keep on top of your location. Maps can be used to serve as an indicator of the time you require certain products or would like them delivered, and also offer navigation while traveling which is especially helpful if there’s no internet signal where you go.

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