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Yemen Emergency Appeal – Donate To Help Yemen Today

Yemen is currently in the middle of a crisis for humanitarian reasons. The worst cholera outbreak ever recorded in the world has claimed the lives of thousands and left tens of millions more sick. As of now, hunger strikes continue across Yemen, as people protest against the oppression by government troops. They are also accused of using unrestrained bombing operations to destroy the rebel-held areas, without consideration for civilian life or infrastructure targets.

Yemen’s 16 million hungry people suffer every day from a deficient health system. Since there’s no other place to go but their own homes, COVID19 patients are dying because they aren’t sure where to go.

The deteriorating conditions in the country has created an ideal environment for transmission of HIV. 4 million people live in poverty without a permanent residence, and they aren’t eating because food prices continue increase, while wages remain stagnant. The country is not able to make enough money available for essential needs such as clean water or medical care. This is why it will be nearly impossible to control this disease without assistance from overseas. We must, however, to act swiftly before it’s too much too late.

Although the Yemenite population has been fighting Cholera spreading for a while and isn’t free of threat. There’s a possibility of hope due to international organizations like Save The Children America and World Vision UK supporting them through COVID-19.

How donating to Welfare Trusts is helping the Yemeni people? Yemen

The welfare trusts provide water and food for millions of people in times of great suffering. They also offer COVID-19 hygiene kits to prevent the spread of this disease which has killed many people in Yemen already.

Welfare trusts in Yemen have worked tirelessly to the welfare of Yemen’s most vulnerable population for the past several years. They provide aid to those in need, even when there is trouble getting to their destination. That’s why they’re crucial for international organizations.

This is a time of struggle for many and we’re thankful that there is help available to people who require it. Collaboration with local partner groups and providing food and cash to help people purchase essential supplies while supporting the economy, we hope to get them out of hunger or, at the very least, close to it than they were before.

Numerous generous donors have donated their time and funds to provide women in Yemen the chance to have a fresh start in their life. Maternity hospitals, which are a welfare trust, get charitable donations to ensure that every woman has the chance to give birth safely without suffering from dehydration or health issues during labor. Rehabilitation units provide post-birth treatment and medications for mothers to help them return to the community.

In response to COVID-19 a lot of welfare trusts now provide hygiene kits to families that live in camp sites and provide safe drinking water so it can be utilized in public facilities like schools or hospitals.

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